PowerTradeUP – How it works.

Save from £40 upto £10,000 when using our PowerTradeUP process. If you purchase one of our specially selected standby power solutions and trade in your old standby power solution, we will recycle it for you and in return offer a discount of upto £10,000 depending on the solution.

This offer is available on a selection of standby power solutions. Simply contact us for information on the PowerTradeUP process or read the following information.

How to use the PowerTradeUP process.

Step One – Choose your new standby power solution from any of the products on our website.

Step Two – Call us to discuss your new standby power solution and your trade in product.

Step Three – We will then confirm your discount which could be from £40 to £10,000. Upon receipt of your product to be recycled you will be issued with an electronic receipt thank you for recycling your products with us.

Why should you consider this offer?

Money – You can save a substantial amount of money on some of our best selling standby power solutions from some of our top brands and have your old standby power solution recycled or used by a charity if the solution can be repaired if you consent in advice via our PowerAid program.


Time – We can save you time and hassle by taking your old standby power solution away for recycling when we deliver your new one.


The Environment- Recycling your old standby power solutions means that it won’t just be recycled, we will look at all the options for your old standby power solution. This could mean recovery precious metals, recycling metals and plastics, even supplying free of charge the repaired / refreshed standby power solution to a Charity for use in Africa*1.

Note: *1 If your recycled product can be used a charity it will be provided free of charge and made ready for collection by them from our recycling depot. Your consent will be required in advance for it to be included in the PowerAid program.

Terms and Conditions

1. The discount given will be taken off the product purchase price. You can receive between £40 – £10,000 ex VAT off your new standby power solution with this great offer.

2. The money off your new standby power solution is dependent on the individual product, and is only available on selected items. Contact us for more information.

3. PowerTradeUP must be selected at the point of order and cannot be applied retrospectively.

Our recycling service ensures your electrical item(s) is disposed of in an 4. environmentally friendly way or provided to a select number of charities free of charge.

5. All goods for collection and recycling must be disconnected from the electrical and gas supply in advance of the goods being removed. Please ensure your old standby power solutions are ready for collection and handling and easily accessible. PowerTradeUP does not include making safe electrically or relocating to ground floor for easy collection. Items weighting below 150Kg each will need to be returned to us at the senders cost or a collection service booked and paid for in advance. – we do not collect items below 150Kg without prior arrangement.

6. We do not currently offer any electrical disconnection service via our website as an option and this must have been carried out prior to collection at your cost by a qualified electrical engineer.

7. Goods collected for recycling are deemed to have zero value.

8. Unfortunately at the moment this service is only available to maindland UK postcodes.

9. We reserve the right to chance and/or retract this promotion at any time

10. If you cancel your order prior to dispatch then you will be refunded the amount which you paid, via your chosen payment method subject to any This excludes any additional discounts.

11. The discount given has been taken off the product and the cost of disposal.

12. Classification -

Returned equipment – Used Electrical /Electronic Equipment

All equipment is to be returned as Used Electrical / Electronic Equipment (UEEE) and packed in a manner that avoids damage, cosmetic or otherwise
Process Information: The Returned Equipment (UEEE) is processed through a REUSE Process. The Used Equipment (UEEE) that can be REUSED after successfully passing through the REUSE Process is re-classified as REEE ( Reused Electrical / Electronic Equipment)

Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment

The Used Equipment (UEEE) that cannot be REUSED after unsuccessfully passing through the REUSE Process is re-classified as WEEE ( Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment) Process Information: Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment ( WEEE) subsequent to failing to pass through any or all of the REUSE Process Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment ( WEEE) is thereafter treated as waste ( WEEE) and falls out of the Reuse Process for the purpose of Recycling / Disposal

All WEEE is subject to the Regulation of The WEEE Directive and handled and transported accordingly.

13. Customers cannot combine this promotion with any other Critical Power Supplies trade in or recycling promotion.

14. By completing the claim and seeking the trade in reward, the customer warrants to Critical Power Supplies Ltd that it has full title and ownership of the old IT equipment to be traded in. Customer indemnifies Critical Power Supplies Ltd in respect of any loss, claim or cost incurred Critical Power Supplies Ltd (or its subcontractors operating this promotion) as a result of any breach of this warranty by the customers as to ownership of IT equipment.

The decisions of Critical Power Supplies ltd in respect of any and all aspects of the promotion will be final and binding.
This Promotion and these Promotion Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, and each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to all claims arising out of or in connection with this Promotion and these Promotion Terms.

Address for correspondence relating to this promotion is Critical Power Supplies Ltd, Unit F, Howland Business Park, Thame, OX9 3GQ, UK Address for shipping of trade in equipment (please note we are unable to accept hand delivery of trade ins) is: Critical Power Supplies Ltd, Unit F, Howland Business Park, Thame, OX9 3GQ