Critical Power Management

Our free of charge design and project management consultancy service will help you to implement the right power continuity plan for your site. The services begins with a site survey from which your assigned critical power and energy specialists can gain a greater understanding of your requirements and specifications.

We can then begin to generate a proposal, customised to your site and needs, designed to fit the space available, provide the autonomy you require whilst observing best practice and preventing single points of failure – all at a competitive price and to meet your budget.


Good system design means that you have designed and implemented a power protection system that will protect your load adequately, both now and in the future. System design also takes into account the need to balance resilience with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), balancing the need for N+1 redundancy with operating efficiencies, energy usage and running costs.

Working with Critical Power Supplies and our design engineers means:

  • Access to our extensive knowledge bank: we can help you design an installation based on our extensive on-site experience powering critical installations for major corporations, FTSE-100 companies and public sector bodies.
  • Access to our extensive product portfolio: with access to state-of-the-art in power protection from specially selected manufacturers and their design and engineering teams.
  • Access to a fully independent service: as an true independent with years of experience working with and for the major UPS brands we can bring true impartiality to system design, drawing on the best possible power solutions to create your power continuity plan.