Critical Power Supplies - Take the hassle away from Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Systems Installation

Fire suppression systems or fire protection is critical requirement for any business with any costly infrastructure, IT equipment, Data centre racks and anything that is critical and a substantial cost to your business.

Critical fire suppression systems can save business while not costing a fortune. Did you know that ONLY 28% of companies recover from a fire. So why risk your own business because of a fire that you can have provisions to prevent? This is why a fire suppression system is key infrastructure to any business. 

Why have a Fire Suppression System

  • It ensure that your costly equipment and staff are safe.
  • It gives you piece of mind that your premises, staff and equipment stay safe.
  • Let's you keep your business running without any after though for potential fires.
  • It is critical infrastructure for any business.

How can we help you with fire suppression?

Fire suppression systems can be a tricky area to configure and get the proper requirements that are designed for your business. This is where Critical Power Supplies comes in and with over 30 years of experience in the infrastructure industry we can design, implement and maintain the ideal situation for any business needs. We have solutions for areas such as:

  • Server Rooms and Data Centres
  • IT Communications Facilities
  • Light/Heavy Industry
  • Medical Facilities
  • Transportation Facilities
  • And many more...

Critical Power Supplies - Let us take the hassle away from fire suppression. Contact us today!

Do you need a fire suppression system to put in your rack?

Are you looking at a plug in and play system for your racks? Do you need something simple to setup and just leave to protect your expensive IT equipment? If the answer is yes to any of these then we have some products that will be ideal for you.

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Fire Suppression System with Point Detection (FM200 Suppression for 1.5m3)

Redetec is the only in-cabinet fire protection solution which puts all of the best fire detection and protection tools where the risk of fire and the threat to business continuity is greatest, in the cabinet itself.

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