UPS Repairs

Comprehensive on and off-site inspections, repairs and upgrades are of benefit for all major UPS brands and their power protection products.

Our UPS Health Check service provides a complete system inspection including associated batteries, switchgear and peripherals.

The advantages of which are:

  • Fixed price inspection: for a visit or off-site repair, including labour and travel
  • Multi UPS brand support: our relationships ensure a multi-brand, multi-vendor service for any UPS system
  • On-site repairs: our engineers carry crash kits to enable them to repair most UPS brands, if not they can be easily repaired in one of our workshops or certified repair centres
  • Manufacturer parts: readily available at locations around the UK and Northern Ireland
  • Upgrades: ensuring firmware is the latest release for the UPS system (tracked via serial number) and applying any other known hardware updates
  • Trade-in plan: where a UPS is beyond economic repair, we may be able to offer a trade-in (including removal and disposal) against a new installation