UPS Warranty

Most UPS warranties run for 12 months and include any associated labour and parts (excluding batteries), whereas batteries tend to be covered by the manufacturer.

However, key aspects to note:

  • For systems up to 10kVA, the warranty may be 24 months, with most being able to be extended to 36 months
  • ‘Plug and Play’ UPS are user-commissionable, so care should be taken to ensure the installation is made in accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s technical guide
  • Hardwired UPS will require electrical installation and commissioning
    Some manufacturers may void the warranty terms if the system has not been installed by an IEE certified engineer and/or commissioned by a manufacturer trained and certified engineer
    Other power protection products typically have a 12-month warranty

Should a UPS system fail or alarm, please contact our technical team who will attempt to clear the alarm or fault remotely. If this is not feasible our returns procedure will apply for ‘Plug and Play’ systems and a swap-out initiated. Hardwired UPS systems will require a site visit and any covered by a maintenance plan will have a response based on these terms. These are typically 4 clock hours (24/7), same working day or next working day.