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The Tripp Lite Omni VS 800VA to 1500VA UPS range from Critical Power Supplies helps to protect every size of computer application from downtime, damage and data loss due to power problems. These UPS Systems provide complete protection against all types of power problems including, brownouts, blackouts, surges and line noise.

Features and Benefits

- Rating range of 500VA to 1500VA.
- Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).
- Tel/DSL, Ethernet & Coaxial Surge Protection Options.
- Extended runtime options
- Comprehensive warranty*.

Models Available.

Part Number Power Rating (VA/Watts) Input Plug Output Receptacles
OMNIVSINT1000 1000VA / 500W IEC320 C13 10amp 6 C13 10amp
OMNIVSINT1500XL 1500VA / 940W IEC320 C13 10amp 8 C13 10amp
OMNIVSINT800 800VA / 475W IEC320 C13 10amp 4 C13 10amp
PRO550X 550VA / 275W IEC320 C13 10amp 2 C13 10amp (universal outlets)
SMX1000LCD 1000VA / 500W IEC320 C13 10amp 6 C13 10amp
SMX1500LCD 1500VA / 900W IEC320 C13 10amp 8 C13 10amp

Other options include.
- Power cables.
- Output trailing leads.