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Airport UPS Systems

Airports operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without airport UPS systems at the heart of an airport’s electrical infrastructure, the continuous activity across facilities is at risk of failure. This would have disastrous results for businesses as well as the public. The airport UPS systems available here at Critical Power Supplies are therefore vital for ensuring power is available in the event of outages.

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Airport UPS Systems

Airport UPS systems are hugely important. Downtime as a result of a power disturbance at an airport can cause mass panic and dissatisfied customers. When the power fails at airports, stations such as control towers, baggage handling, scanners, warning systems and surveillance equipment also fail. For security reasons as well as passenger wellbeing, these need to remain operational. Thankfully, for airport owners, there is a fail safe solution on the market that continues to provide power in outages. This solution is uninterruptible power supplies. 

Airports require a significant amount of power to operate, so they are more likely to face issues such as power overloads, short circuits and transients. In the most extreme cases, airports can witness total power outages. With these factors in mind, standby power for airports needs to be reliable, efficient and high quality. An emergency power system for large scale applications such as airport power must be able to function properly under extreme conditions. Our airport UPS systems fit this brief. 

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Standby Power For Airports

Standby power for airports work by converting AC power to DC power which will then be routed through an inverter into the power load. A power rectifier system will work with the UPS to protect the load from power surges and sags, so your power supplies continue to operate effectively.

In normal situations and regular circumstances, an airport industrial UPS system will charge batteries and supply DC power to the load. To be prepared for any potential failure, the inverter will draw power from the batteries until the power supply is restored or when the minimum DC limit is reached to allow crucial airport operations to continue. Once the power comes back on, the rectifier mechanism will resume again when power is restored. The operation of standby power systems for airports is completed without affecting the operations of airport load, so important stations can run throughout power problems.

When considering which airport UPS system to use, you should look into the key factors of efficiency and durability to find the right system. We have a range of recommended UPS systems which, we believe, can handle the demands of airport operations. If you require further advice on UPS for airports, get in touch with us today by requesting a quote below. We regularly act in a consultancy capacity, so we are more than qualified to answer any questions you have about uninterruptible power supplies.  

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