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Elevator UPS 

For the vast majority of us, our worst fear is being stuck in an enclosed space (a lift) for a prolonged period of time. As lifts rely on power to operate, they are, on rare occasions, susceptible to failing. If there is a substantial power cut, lifts can be impacted. An elevator UPS system works to prevent this scenario. 

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Elevator UPS

If you own a building that makes use of lifts, you will undoubtedly be familiar with elevator UPS systems. You have a duty of care for anyone that uses your lifts, and elevator UPS helps you honour this. You must account for the rare situation when that lift fails, and provide a reliable and efficient solution should that situation arise. Whether it is a hotel, office building or apartment complex, it is imperative that your lift’s power supply is also connected to a functioning UPS system. This way, you can get your lift back up and running should the power fail with minimal downtime. Not only is this good business practice, but it ensures you are taking your duty of care seriously. Here at Critical Power Supplies, we can help you with our high quality range of elevator UPS systems. 

Lift UPS

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At Critical Power Supplies, we provide solutions that help people and businesses avert crises. With our range of lift UPS systems, we are able to mitigate a lift failing during a power disturbance. Designed to kick in to provide a power supply in the event of a power cut or a short circuit, uninterrupted power supplies are perfect for getting your lifts back on the move. 

When the power fails, our lift UPS will automatically switch to the battery mode. A three way output is then generated which helps to feed connected loads. When the main supply gets restored, our innovative elevator UPS systems transfers back to the lift’s primary power source. The UPS system’s batteries will then revert back to being charged. 

We at Critical Power Supplies work closely with leading UPS brands and providers. Below you will find a range of recommended elevator UPS by market leaders Riello. We understand the importance of functioning and dependable UPS systems, especially in the case of elevator UPS. Our customers can shop with confidence: knowing we only supply the highest quality products that boast great efficiency and fantastic results. If you have any more questions about any of our products, we encourage you to get in touch with a member of our customer services team by requesting a quote below. We would be more than happy to answer any questions, and strive to always provide a cost effective and all encompassing solution. 

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