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UPS for data centres is a crucial part of your data centre as downtime is not an option with the reliance and dependence on the internet and the safe storage and processing of data being high priorities across businesses.

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Data centres are an important asset for many businesses, so it is crucial that your data centre is reliable and functional. A data centre backup generator is critical in ensuring that your centre remains in operation at all times.

Data centre UPS systems will make sure that your servers and sensitive pieces of computer equipment will not be affected by power line disturbances or power quality issues. As computing equipment like servers and routers are reliant on an internal power supply to provide the power required to run processors and peripheral devices, a UPS system is needed to handle the variance in voltage. This will ensure that your computing equipment is protected from shutdowns or overloads so you can continue to operate as normal.

Data Centre

Data Centre Backup Generators

Here at Critical Power Supplies, we work closely with leading power supply manufacturers to provide you with the right UPS solutions for data centres. As selecting the right UPS system can be difficult, our specialists are available via phone or email to give you expert advice on UPS for data centres.

Data centre equipment is very sensitive to power disruptions, so even a small drop in power can lead to data being lost or corrupted. With a reliable uninterruptible power supply system, all of these issues can be solved. In the event of power cuts, the UPS system will provide your data centre with power it requires to continue operating or enough power for the equipment to be shutdown safely.

If you are interested in installing UPS for data centres, enquire today by giving us a call and our customer service team can help you to find the right backup power solution for your business.

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