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UPS for Stadiums

From a logistical standpoint, stadiums are an enormous undertaking for stadium owners. The foundation of stadiums consists of a complex electrical infrastructure. A number of systems work harmoniously to ensure stadiums are able to cater to the public. In the unlikely event that a stadium is hit by a power disturbance, UPS for stadiums will work to keep electrical systems up and running. 

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UPS for Stadiums

UPS for stadiums have become an essential requirement for arenas that cater to both sport and live performances. A full stadium requires a large amount of power, especially when used at night or for dark performances. A power cut during an event at a stadium can have bad consequences, especially if the event is televised. Not only will lights go out, Wi-Fi being used by journalists will drop and power to TV production trucks will fail, but payment and security systems will also fail. All of this could be detrimental to the reputation of stadium owners, and will undoubtedly lead to extremely unhappy customers. 

Let us consider a football game, for example. Football is largely broadcast live on TV. A loss of power could disrupt this broadcast, which would result in an unprecedented amount of dissatisfied customers. UPS for stadiums can help to mitigate this. A televised broadcast is only one example of a channel reliant on reliable power. Turnstiles, CCTV, club shops, IT server rooms, lighting, ticket stalls and payment systems all require constant power.  This is why an uninterruptible power supply is imperative for stadiums, as they ensure the smooth running of systems and operations. 

Stadium floodlights


UPS for stadiums are used in the result of power loss which could plunge an entire arena full of people into darkness. By introducing UPS into your electrical infrastructure, you effectively mitigate the risk of mass panic and unrest. Not only should stadium owners seek to use a high quality UPS system, but they should also have a stadium generator such as the ones available from Kohler

These systems, when used in conjunction with each other, are designed to keep systems operational for a short window until you can find a viable solution. This helps to keep the proceedings at either sporting events or musical performances running smoothly, and to cause the least amount of unrest. 

We have a range of recommended uninterruptible power supplies listed below. These are suited to large scale applications such as stadium power management. If you wish to contact us as you have more questions about our UPS systems or stadium generators, do so by requesting a quote below. Our friendly customer services team will get back to you with a solution at the earliest available opportunity. 

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