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Two outdoor CCTV cameras

UPS for Security

Security systems such as CCTV cameras have become an incredibly important means of protection both for businesses and at home. If there is a lapse in your power supply however, your CCTV system could be rendered inoperable. 

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UPS for Security

UPS for security purposes provide these all-important systems with the power they need in the event of a power cut or short circuit, ensuring a safe and protected environment at all times. Businesses as well as individuals who own domestic property are heavily reliant on functioning and reliable CCTV systems. This is the best way to deter thieves, or hold anyone accountable should they successfully steal from you. Our UPS for security work to ensure downtime never occurs and footage is always captured.


At Critical Power Supplies, we provide the very best CCTV UPS. We understand the need for constant camera coverage, especially in an industrial or commercial setting. Having a high quality CCTV system, as well as CCTV UPS, is the best way to ensure the security of you, your staff and your property or assets. 

If a CCTV camera is not operational due to power loss and there is an incident such as a break-in, then there will be a lack of evidence to find who is culpable. With UPS for security, this is completely eliminated. Backup power is supplied to the system which keeps it operational in critical moments. Ultimate protection is guaranteed.

At Critical Power Supplies we work with leading providers of backup power supplies. This ensures that we provide our customers with only the highest quality CCTV UPS systems, and that they have extra peace of mind. 

If you wish to contact us regarding our range of UPS for security systems, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated customer service centre houses our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team. They will be more than happy to tackle any problem you may have, and will strive to find a solution to any enquiry.

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