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Server Room Designs

We can prepare server room designs and support the installation of server rooms and data centres of varying sizes. Whether you require server room designs specifically or are looking to assess or upgrade individual elements (cooling, racks, fire suppression, environmental control systems), we at Critical Power Supplies can help. Explore our server room design services today. 

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Server Room Designs

Designing a server room is no small feat, and preparing server room designs requires the help of a professional team. Server rooms are at the foundation of any company’s IT infrastructure, and ensure the smooth running of key electrical equipment such as servers, computer systems and, subsequently, business operations. There is a lot to consider when creating server room designs, so it is important to select a company that has tried and tested server room design services. 

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Server Room Design Services

As part of our server room design services, we  can create all encompassing design proposals for server rooms and data centres. Our design report will include, but is not limited to, considerations of the following areas: 

  • Server room layout and design tips. It is important that your server room is laid out properly, so that key equipment can reach maximum efficiency. 
  • Airflow, cooling and access. Access will be considered in our examination of your server room’s layout. Still, when optimising airflow and cooling systems access will be considered. It is vitally important that key server equipment is unable to overheat. This can corrupt systems and, subsequently, operations. 
  • Environmental control systems. The introduction of environmental control systems will help you to regulate and monitor temperature, humidity, leaks. Without these systems, as well as adequate airflow and cooling, your server room equipment is at risk of overheating. Equipment could be damaged or, worse, a fire could start. 
  • Fire suppression systems. In the event of a fire, a fire suppression system will work to extinguish the fire whilst trying to save key equipment. Not only this, but it diminishes the risk of the rest of your building suffering. 
  • Power protection. If the mains power fails or your facility experiences a power disturbance, a system needs to be put in place to ensure your critical IT equipment remains operational. Uninterruptible power supplies come in all shapes and sizes: from small units to large centralised systems that, along with a standby power generator, may protect an entire facility. 

For years we have been the first choice for businesses looking to design, install, upgrade or maintain server rooms. Our portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, so we are confident that we can help any company actualise their project ambitions. As part of our server room design services, an experienced member of the team will prepare a detailed design proposal for your server room. Our goal is to ensure that all the elements of any server room work harmoniously, without fault. This way, a company’s IT systems are able to work effectively and efficiently. In addition to our design proposal, we can assist with the installation of key server room equipment such as UPS. To start your project with us today, click the button below. A member of our dedicated team will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. 

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