Using the latest technologies you can increase uptime & reduce operational costs!

In business environments today we rely heavily on everything a server room delivers and support. The constant requirement for energy, cooling and lighting means the server room is fast becoming one of the biggest expenditures in business operations but its is the heart of your 24×7 operation.

In order to improve efficiency and reduce costs there are a number of things Critical Power Supplies will do for you, these include …

  • undertaking detailed site survey to establish weakness in your network, power and cooling infrastructure and changes which need to be made to improve uptime.
  • savings provided by upgrading to the latest technology.
  • ensuring the design identifies all requirements including cooling, environmental monitoring and fire suppression.
  • developing an effective on-going management process including maintenance.
  • offering ongoing site and remote monitoring and analysis to deliver the greatest reduction in energy use over the server room lifetime.
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