Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

With blackouts across the UK on the rise, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be ready. Critical Power Supplies (CPS) is proud to present our latest report, **The Essential Guide to Blackouts: How Businesses Can Thrive When the Power Goes Out**. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the causes, challenges, and solutions associated with power outages.

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Why This Report Is Important?

The UK’s transition to renewable energy and the recent heavy storm seasons have highlighted the fragility of the power supply network. Understanding these risks is crucial for maintaining operational resilience. Our report cuts through the sensationalism and addresses the real risks and their diverse causes, from equipment failure and human error to grid overloading and cyber-attacks.

  • What You Will Learn – In-Depth Analysis of Blackout Causes. Gain a clearer understanding of the wide range of factors leading to power outages, beyond just weather-related events.

  • Practical Solutions – Learn how to prepare for and prevent blackout events with actionable steps, including: Risk assessments covering health & safety, loss of trading, IT disruption and data loss, and client support. Communication plans. Emergency power solutions such as backup generators and uninterruptible power supplies. Inventory management and maintenance.

  • Expert Advice – Benefit from insights and recommendations from our 30+ years of experience working with diverse industries including healthcare, IT, maritime, retail, and telecommunications.

Expert Insights

“Blackouts pose a significant risk to the operations and success of businesses across all industries. Organisations need to better understand the nature of those risks and apply them to their own business, as well as how they can build resilience. As the energy landscape evolves, proactive planning and investment in robust backup power solutions will ensure that businesses remain operational, safeguard critical services, and maintain competitive advantage even in the face of unforeseen power outages. This report provides valuable insights and practical solutions that will help businesses not only survive but thrive in the face of these challenges.”

Jason Koffler, CEO of CPS