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thermal view of electrical equipment in a server rack

Thermal Image Survey 

A thermal image survey is good for identifying flaws in key electrical equipment. Do you have regular check-ups of your electrical equipment, or have consistent maintenance work carried out? 

If not, then you can run into unexpected issues which could cause catastrophic errors or even failures. This could invite a costly repair or even result in having to replace the entire system. Here at Critical Power Supplies, we offer a thermal image survey which is a cost-effective solution to avoid any potential failures or unexpected downtime. 


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Thermal Image Survey 

Our thermal image survey is a comprehensive service offered by our specialists that can help diagnose any issues with critical electrical equipment. Being able to produce pinpoint accurate results, our thermal imaging survey could diagnose any electrical issues or monitor systems for abnormal results and predict a possible issue. This can then be rectified: avoiding any system errors which may slow company workflow and output. With the use of a thermal imaging survey, potential system downtime is minimised and your site is both protected and kept online.

Thermal Imaging Survey 

A thermal imaging survey is one of the first lines of defences in preventative maintenance for your UPS, LV and HV Switchgear, distribution equipment and other electrical equipment. Having a preventative maintenance plan in place for your critical electrical equipment can save you a lot of time, money and headaches. If you experience any system failures or errors and you determine that the fault was preventable, this can be particularly frustrating. Our thorough thermal image survey helps you stay ahead. 

Thermal view of a server rack


  • Detecting electrical unbalances and overloads
  • Detecting loose or corroded electrical connections
  • Inspecting electrical faults
  • Testing and measuring for electrical fire prevention
  • Predictive maintenance, troubleshooting and installation of electrical applications


  • Most equipment failures and faults are caused by a significant rise in operating temperature. This is normally long before a catastrophic failure. 
  • Helping your company comply with electrical safety legislation by proving the integrity and safety of electrical systems and equipment.
  • When our engineers complete your thermal imaging survey, your system does not need to be shut down. This means your system remains operational, which is all the more reason to have periodic thermal imaging checks. 

If you would like any more information about the thermal image survey available, or to book a survey,  contact our specialists today by requesting a quote below.

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