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UPS Battery Replacement

Impedance testing and load bank testing to ensure maximum performance of your UPS Solution.

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UPS Battery Replacement

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UPS battery replacement is a process that will need to take place at some point. Batteries and battery sets are the key critical component within a UPS installation in the event of a mains power failure. Working with the leading battery brands, we provide a number of services to ensure uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems are fully operational.

UPS battery replacement is only one service we offer. We also perform:

  • Testing
  • Replacement
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Removal and Recycling


Most modern UPS systems feature automatic battery testing routines; however older systems may not incorporate these features. Our full on-site impedance battery testing service can be used with any on-site batteries, including sealed acid batteries or batteries within generator self-start circuits.

The testing service includes a full physical inspection (including terminal connections), with thermal imaging as an option to locate potential ‘hot-spots’. From the logged data, we are then in a position to compare actual results to design specifications and make recommendation to ensure your battery set is optimised.


Battery replacement should form a planned part of any ongoing maintenance programme, for any UPS. The features and benefits of our service include:

  • Supply only, or supply, install, removal and recycle
  • According to the Hazardous Waste, WEEE and RoHS regulations
  • Significant purchasing power which enables us to provide very cost-effective batteries, on a brand-for-brand, like-for-like basis
  • Multi brand UPS knowledge bank for battery set calculation and system design
  • 5 and 10 year design life, sealed lead acid (SLA), maintenance free batteries available from stock, with other types, including Wet Cells, on request
  • Expansion or runtime capacity reduction into any battery set replacement can be developed to further improve your system’s resilience
  • Expert UK-wide battery engineers

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