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Battery Testing/Replacement

Batteries and battery sets are the key critical component within a UPS installation in the event of a mains power failure. Critical Power Supplies works with the leading battery brands to provide battery sets and replacement batteries for its uninterruptible power supplies and standby power systems. We provide five battery related services that are essential to any power protection installation.

Battery Testing.
Battery Monitoring.
Battery Maintenance.
Battery Replacement.
Battery Removal and Recycling.

UPS Battery Testing

Modern uninterruptible power supplies include automatic battery testing routines which simulate a mains power failure without disruption to their loads. However, older systems may not incorporate battery testing or their testing and monitoring routines are less sophisticated. In addition larger three phase UPS systems may incorporate advanced battery monitoring systems which monitor battery set performance down to individual block levels.

Critical Power Supplies provide a full on-site impedance battery testing service. This service can be used with any on-site batteries including all the systems using sealed acid batteries within your power continuity plan, including the battery within generator self-start circuits

Our battery testing service includes a full physical inspection (including terminal connections), with thermal imaging as an option to locate potential ‘hot-spots’. From the logged data, we are then in a position to compare actual results to design specifications and make recommendation to ensure your battery set is optimised.

Battery Replacement

UPS battery replacement should be a planned and cost service within any ongoing maintenance plan. Critical Power Supplies can install replacement batteries for any UPS installation. We can also build expansion or runtime capacity reduction into any battery set replacement to further improve your system’s resilience.

At Critical Power Supplies our supply chain contracts and purchasing power allow us to provide very cost-effective batteries, on a brand-for-brand, like-for-like basis. We can supply the individual blocks only or the complete service including installation, removal, disposal and recycling to the relevant standards, guidelines and regulations (Hazardous Waste, WEEE, RoHS).

Features and Benefits

  • Supply only or supply, removal and recycle.
  • Multi brand battery supply chain contracts with attractive pricing and volume discounts.
  • Multi brand UPS knowledge bank for battery set calculation and system design.
  • Five and ten year design life sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries (SLA) available from stock. Other types including Wet Cells on request.
  • Battery upgrade and runtime expansion.
  • Expert UK-wide battery engineers

Please let us know if you would like further information on our UPS battery testing and replacement service – complete our Enquiry Form, call 0800 978 8988 or send us an email.