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UPS Health Checks

Uninterruptible power supplies need to be examined and assessed regularly to identify any flaws and to gauge the overall health of the system. At Critical Power Supplies, through our UPS health check service, we guarantee maximum uptime and system reliability through in depth health and performance analysis. 

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UPS health checks are hugely important. A UPS system is a large piece of equipment that is, typically, hugely valuable to a company or organisation. Often, an interruptible power supply is the backbone of a company’s electrical infrastructure. With such a reliance on reliable performance, it is important that UPS health checks are carried out regularly and to a professional standard. The company carrying out UPS health checks should have ample experience. This will ensure any work is completed efficiently and to a high standard. Here at Critical Power Supplies, our expert team of technicians have the experience and expertise to service and maintain your UPS to the highest standard recognised industry wide. 

Engineer replacing a battery in a UPS system

An examination of your UPS will assess its condition and ability to perform as a back-up system without fault. As power protection specialists, we can provide this service for most multi-vendor brands and third party UPS systems. Our comprehensive UPS health checks will include scrutinising the following points:

UPS System Age & Technology

  • Technology used and its effect on electricity usage and heat output
  • Distribution switchgear and associated conditioning
  • Older systems are often oversized. They may take up valuable space and capacity resulting in poor operating efficiencies and higher electricity bills. 

UPS Component Condition

  • Batteries are the principal consumable component and generally have a life of 3–5 or 7–10 years. We can assess the condition of batteries and look for signs of degradation. Should batteries need to be replaced, we have a wealth of products available. 
  • Other consumables include fans, which can suffer wear and tear, and capacitors which can dry out. We will look at all consumables and offer insights and guidance should they need replacing. 

UPS Maintenance Plan and Remote Monitoring

  • Existing maintenance arrangements will be reviewed (if required) to provide a like-for-like cost comparison and/or to make recommendations on how to improve response and repair times. 

Our all encompassing assessment will provide you with a complete UPS inspection and review. For all customers interested in obtaining a UPS health check, we provide our findings in a written report via email. As well as a comprehensive report, we will offer advice and recommendations on how to improve system resilience, optimise your power/ energy management and reduce total cost of ownership. UPS health checks are an important part of owning a functioning UPS system. By enlisting the help of a professional company, you can ensure uninterruptible power supplies retain the ability to support your systems. Request a free quote to enquire today. 

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