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UPS Maintenance

The UPS maintenance schemes available through Critical Power Supplies ensure optimum system performance is achieved no matter the event or weather. Our experienced UPS maintenance team will provide you with an insight into your system, and can offer preventative strategies that help you avoid errors or system failures.  

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UPS Maintenance

No matter what, your UPS must be ready to perform at all times. Regular UPS maintenance guarantees this. The smooth running of business operations is often dependent on a functioning UPS, and connected electrical equipment can suffer if you experience system downtime. Whilst every power solution we supply is backed-up by a comprehensive warranty with the manufacturer, maintenance plans to ensure business continuity are highly recommended. For UPS systems from 1kVA upwards, we recommend exploring our UPS monitoring options. 

UPS Monitoring

UPS monitoring helps to track the progress of consumables such as UPS batteries. These components are fundamentally important, and must be in good working order. This can be achieved through periodic system monitoring. With other consumables, such as fans and DC capacitors, regular maintenance is equally important, and our team utilise inspection logs to predict potential future problems.

A range of maintenance plans are available, with full 24/7, 365 days a year technical support and remote monitoring to guarantee we are always ready to respond to a site incidence:

Maintenance Plans Include:LiteStandardPlusPremium
Preventative Maintenance Visit
Firmware Upgrades
Emergency response
Battery Replacement LabourX
Parts (excluding Batteries & Capacitors)XX
Onsite Crash KitXXX
CPS Connect Remote MonitoringPOAPOAPOAPOA
Impedance TestingPOAPOAPOAPOA


Emergency Response:SilverGoldPlatinumDiamond
12 Working Hours   
8 Working Hours   
4 Clock Hours with 24/7 technical support   
4 Clock Hours & Guaranteed Fix within a further 8 hours   

Note *: all labour is included as covered in the UPS warranty terms and conditions.
Note ^: all parts are included except consumables, which are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance

Our programme of regular maintenance visits, inspections and monitoring, both on-site and remotely, will make sure that your business is permanently shielded from the effects of a power failure. For more information on our uninterruptible power supply maintenance service, request a quote below. One of the team will get back to you at the earliest opportunity, and can offer an in-depth insight into our UPS maintenance services. 

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