Price Matching Service

Critical Power Quote Beater – Getting the specification spot on saves you time and money.

Everyone’s budgets are tighter, however the demand for Critical Power has never been higher as expectations have increased and yet all budgets have shrunk. Everyone today has do more with less, but often the specification has been inflated which pushes up the equipment price.

For huge discounts on your “must have” Critical Power equipment please cut and paste your existing quote into our online enquiry form and we will reply within hours or call us on 0800 978 8988.

We have found a high proportion of initial enquiries are over specified, wasting money and time.

For an independent sanity check on your proposed Critical Power solution please feel free to contact us you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Did you know?

We provide a free of charge UPS / Generator health check and also Critical Power Surveys which result in a report high lighting methods for improving availability, redundancy, energy management, remote management and in-life costs.

Additional services from Critical Power Supplies Ltd.

The team at Critical Power Supplies Ltd has developed a number of other innovative service’s to help you save money:

- Battery Recycling – Including collection and recycling.
- Power TradeUp – Including recycling of your old Critical Power Solution.
- Service Included – First year service uplift on selected three phase ranges.
- Repair Option – Why scrap your old product when we could potentially extend its field life.
- Ticketless Support Service – Manual and automatic sending to our support team of changes which could affect the availability of your Critical Power Solution.