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UPS Removal

UPS removal requires a professional team with knowledge and experience. Here at Critical Power Supplies, we have fully qualified technicians with ample experience in UPS removal. Explore our professional UPS removal service today. 



UPS removal, battery disposal and recycling requires careful planning and execution. UPS systems designed for commercial or industrial applications tend to be immobile. They may be placed in a hard to access location,

Worker removing component of a UPS system

and often contain parts that need to be handled delicately. Lithium-ion batteries, for example, need to be carefully transported when they reach their end of life phase. This is because they pose a substantial fire risk. 

As a result of all this, you need to work with a team you have confidence in. UPS disposal is a big undertaking, and an under qualified team will work slowly and inefficiently. We are able to lean on a large portfolio of clients and experience to complete complex jobs quickly and to the highest industry standard.  


As part of our UPS disposal service, we can recycle UPS batteries. Batteries are the principle consumable within a UPS system, and even with a 5 year life they will typically require removal and disposal within a 3–4 year period (depending on usage and environmental conditions). On occasion, UPS batteries need to be handled carefully. A specialist in UPS recycling, such as ourselves, can dispose of batteries and other components in a sustainable manner. Our full service includes:

  • Removing an entire UPS system complete with decommissioning to ensure the system is safe
  • Potential strip down, especially where the logistics are complicated
  • Removal and disposal, while addressing any health and safety and project management issues
  • Fully certified disposal to the relevant environmental standards using approved Waste Carriers and WEEE Recycling centres


If you are in search of a UPS removal and disposal service, look no further than the team at Critical Power Supplies. If you wish to enquire about our UPS removal services today, request a free quote below. Provide us with as much information as you can, and a member of our team will contact you with a proposal that encompasses all of your aims.

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