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UPS Repair

If you require a professional and qualified team to carry out a UPS repair, we can help. Our 24/7 onsite service team works to ensure your system’s performance is as good as it can be. If you experience a dip in system performance, our UPS repair team is here to help. 

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UPS Repair

UPS systems are comprehensive bits of kit. They require careful monitoring and, on occasion, a specialist team with experience in UPS repair. Here at Critical Power Supplies, we offer a highly regarded UPS repair service that covers all bases. Our UPS inspection service provides you with an insight into your system, and can help to identify issues before they evolve into something more sinister. 

UPS Inspection

We offer comprehensive on and off-site inspections, repairs and upgrades for all major UPS brands and their power protection products.

Woman working on a laptop next to a server roomOur UPS health check service provides a complete system inspection including associated batteries, switchgear and peripherals. Whether it is a visual test, an environmental assessment or mechanical tests, our team will examine your system to ensure optimum performance is being achieved.

There are a great number of companies offering UPS repair, so why choose us? The advantages of UPS inspection and repair with Critical Power are as follows:

  • Fixed price inspection: for a visit or off-site repair, including labour and travel
  • Multi UPS brand support: our relationships ensure a multi-brand, multi-vendor service for any UPS system
  • On-site repairs: our engineers carry crash kits to enable them to repair most UPS brands, if not they can be easily repaired in one of our workshops or certified repair centres
  • Manufacturer parts: readily available at locations around the UK and Northern Ireland
  • Upgrades: ensuring firmware is the latest release for the UPS system (tracked via serial number) and applying any other known hardware updates
  • Trade-in plan: where a UPS is beyond economic repair, we may be able to offer a trade-in (including removal and disposal) against a new installation

If you believe your UPS inspection is due, why not reach out today? Hit the link below and a member of our team will prepare a quote based on the information provided.

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