Our Mission and Service Guarantee

What’s our mission, goals and aims? Critical Power Supplies was set up to be a different type of UPS systems supplier. One that would understand more fully the concerns of the power protection market in terms of energy efficiency, power management, resilience and total cost of ownership. A business that clients could rely on for uninterruptible and standby power, as well as alternative and emerging energy solutions such as fuel cells, solar power and turbine technologies.

Critical Power Supplies differentiates itself through customer service, process innovation, technology and above all expertise in power and energy management.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to set the benchmark for service, price and technology within the UK power protection market. To become the ‘de facto’ standard for power protection delivery and the preferred partner of organisations to whom power and energy management are critical.

This mission statement defines everything that we do. It is people centric, focusing on clients, suppliers, employees, associates and stakeholders.

Service Guarantee

Our service guarantee is more than a warranty. It is a demonstration of the passion we have for power and energy management.

  • First Class Service: every Critical Power Supplies client has a dedicated specialist who is an expert in power and energy management. They will manage your account, looking after every aspect as a project manager to ensure we deliver, install and maintain the right power solution for your application.
  • Quality Managed Processes: we operate a quality management system to ISO9001:2000 and regularly review our processes and procedures – looking for continuous improvement. Every client is independently surveyed as part of our quality program to ensure we deliver the best possible service and achieve our goal of 100% client satisfaction, first time, every time.
  • Price Match: we recognise that we live in challenging economic times and strive to ensure that we can deliver the most efficient and cost-effective power solutions. Where we are in a competitive tender we promise to review our pricing to see if we can meet a target price but never at the expense of service and our guarantee.
  • Market Leading Partners: we have a tiered supply chain and rigorous assessments to ensure we work with the best suppliers. Power partners who have to supply technologically advanced solutions, backed up by outstanding service and support. In our market niche, stock availability is key and our power partners hold buffer stocks within their warehouses to ensure we can respond to the tightest deadlines and quantity requirements.
  • Innovative Services: service is the key to any client-orientated business. We invest thousands in our IT systems to ensure we have the very best in customer relationship and process delivery management. Our aim is to take the ‘stress’ out of power protection, delivering, installing and maintaining systems 24/7, across the UK.

Put us to the test at any time and see why our power and energy specialists are rated so highly.

For more information see our Quality, Environmental, Heath & Safety, and Ethical Policies or contact Jason Koffler, Managing Director.

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