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Medical Grade UPS

The Medical Grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies UPS solutions from Critical Power Supplies are manufactured to IEC60601-1 providing a high performance critical power solution for the medical environment. They have a built-in isolation transformer to eliminate electrical noise and limit earth leakage, ensuring patient safety and attached equipment is unaffected by the electrical enviroment and does not degrade over time from mains borne critical power problems such as spikes, surges, over voltage, under voltage and blackouts.

Patient Vicinity Medical Grade UPS

- Electrical anomalies generated by imaging systems, chillers, air conditioning units and monthly generator tests have an adverse effect on the mains power supplied
to medical devices.
- This leads to lost time, data and resources, as well as potentially compromising patients’ safety.
- Using our dedicated and approved (IEC 60601-1) healthcare
products ensures only ‘clean’ power is supplied to your
sensitive equipment.

The ONEAC ONm 600VA Medical UPS can work with additional battery packs (part number ONMXBC-217) to provide additional runtime in the event of mains loss and/or generator failure.